15 September 2005: The Canadian Company is completing its due diligence of the Hornos and Virginia Permits. This process should be completed by the end of September 2005.

14 April 2005: Virginia Mining is currently in discussions with a Canadian Mining Company concerning leasing the Hornos and Virginia Permits to them. They are a larger company with vastly more resources and expertises. They are currently doing "due diligence" on the properties.

14 April 2005: Virginia Mining will be retaining it's Telica Mill, near Juticalpa, Honduras. This is a small precious metals mill with a 50 ton a day capacity. Depending upon the results of some upcoming tests, we will start buying ore during July 2005. We will be able to mill and process up to 100 tons a day of sulfide ores.

6 January 2003: Ken Thanstrom, an old friend and current mining consultant to Virginia Mining Company passed away on 3 January 2003. Ken was one of the finest gentlemen that I have known. He developed the bromine leach systems with Great Lakes Chemical Company. Ken was currently doing some leach work for us. Please pray for Ken and his family.

19 November 2002: Fred Shisbey passed away. He was a great friend to many people and will be sorely missed. Fred has been the geologists for Virginia Mining for the last seven (7) years. On a personal note, please pray for Fred Shisbey and his family. I visited Fred this last week and he was in good spirits. He has been a consulting hard rock geologists in Honduras for over thirty (30) years. He is a good friend.




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