Silver Mining in Honduras

Comivisa Compania Minera Virginia S.A. de C.V. in Honduras
The Inglesrud Corporation in the USA

Virginia Mining Company is a small family owned company developing projects in Honduras




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I just received a call from someone in Arizona.
They have suggested, that I put this up on

Does anyone have experience with Kickstarter?

I was planning on shutting down the company.
I would have given the equipment and
technology to one of the local miners.

However, I have received at least three telephone
calls, from local miners in the Department of Olancho.
They have asked, for us to re-complete the mill.
They are in need, of a custom or toll mill in that area.
They can produce the tonnage necessary to keep a large mill

Working on the numbers now.  I am guessing, that I could have a
new gravity mill working in less than six months.  It would
take at least twelve months, to get the Thiosulphate
System up and running.

I have been introduced to several people, who could operate the mill
for us.  Remember, mining can make Honduras one of the strongest
nations in South and Central America.  With prayers and a bit of
effort, it would do well.  Honduras has the people and the resources,
now it needs the technology and cash.

Several people have suggested that I put this up on KickStarter or
one of the other Internet start-up groups.  People would love to
own a bit of a money making mining operation in Honduras.

Furthermore, that would allow interested people to come down and learn
mining and milling.  It is a lot of fun.  It is even more fun, when you can
make a good return on your investment.

Please send me your ideas. 

Scenario #1

Raise $500,000.00 and immediately convert the mill over
to gravity. 

At the same time, ship the Thiosulphate System to Honduras
and start installing  it. 

Most of the new equipment is already purchased and crated in

To that end, I would order new gravity equipment, tables
and centrifuges.  The older stuff, has a lot of hours on them.
Better to start, with new equipment. 

The most important thing missing.  A replacement for
George Sites.  We need a mill mechanic, who can install
and care for the equipment.  George was outstanding,  He will be
hard to replace.  I have been contacted by a couple of guys,
who are retired from the big companies and would like to get
involved in a smaller operation.

Now, I just need to raise more funds.  By the way, the power substation,
 60 gallon per minute water well, and the electrical distribution systems,
are all in place.  They will need some updating, but everything needs some
maintenance, including us.

Remember, this could be plan B for many people.  This part of Honduras is
beautiful.  The weather is mild and the people are warm and inviting.

A great place to relax.


Just received a call from Honduras.
My email system is rejecting their emails.
I have added a second email address.
Please resend anything that did not go through
The new email address is at the bottom of the page.

Besides, they want to do a television show on mining in Honduras.
They wold use the Telica Mill as the base camp.  Similar to
Mt. Antero and Lake George in Colorado.  Interestingly enough,
my family has mining interests on the both mountains.

Everything is on hold for the next four weeks.
A company in Oklahoma City has requested this time,
to consider if they want a Mining Division.

Honduras has lots of gold and silver.
We just need to figure our how to recover it.
This would do wonders for the people of Honduras.
They do not need hand outs, they need high paying jobs.

Virginia Mining Company
was planning on reopening the Telica Mill as a Thiosulfate Mill.

Unfortunately, George Sites passed away recently
We will be unable to operate a Thiosulphate Mill without George

To that end, we are either going to convert the mill back to gravity
or joint venture with another company

Details to follow

Please contact me, if you would have any suggestions.
We would lose millions of dollars and extensive amounts of
equipment, if we abandon this project.

Would hope, that someone would like to take it over or
joint venture with us.  We need personnel now. 

Tom Milam, Jr.
Office: (405) 429-7928
Facsimile:  (405) 429-7930

This is not an offer
But discussion points

1.  $500,000.00 to purchase the complete package. 

2.  $500,00.00 for a joint venture.  We would run for one year.  If we could not
make a positive cash flow, you would get the complete package.

3.  $50,000.00 and a 5% gross royalty.  Only for groups that have a
successful track record in small mining operations.

Please share any thoughts about this matter.
I am out of time.

Thirty-five years of effort, down the drain.

It would take approximately $250,00.00 to
reopen the mill with gravity.  That would include
new tables, etc.  There is a considerable
amount of new and overhauled leaching
equipment in Arizona.  That was to be shipped to
Honduras for the leaching system.  Could be stored, sold,
or traded.  Years of work, went into this equipment.
Most of it has already been crated, etc.

If you ever wanted a mining company, this is the opportunity
of a lifetime.  I have given myself, a deadline of
1 July 2015.  If nothing else, I will give everything away.

I am out of money, time, and energy.

Caveat:  We have lost the Concessions, unless,
we can get them into production soon.

However, there is a great need for a
custom mill in Honduras.

Several Telephone Calls:
Will relay the discussions here.

1.  What equipment is onsite in Honduras?
2.  What equipment is crated and ready to be shipped to Honduras.
3.  What about other Leach Systems?
4.  What were the results on the Walter Lashley's (ASAT) SSN System?
5.  Why can't you do the Thiosulfate System?
6.  Have you lost the Concessions? 
7.  Bromine?
8.  Chlorine?
9.  Iodine?

George Sites, passed away on Thursday, 22 January 2015
Our prayers go with George and his family

It is my understanding, the funeral services will be on
Wednesday, 28 January 2015

At  the Lamont Funeral Home
in Globe, Arizona at 1:00 p.m.

I will double check this information
and post updates.

George was my mentor and friend.

    Lamont Mortuary of Globe Funeral Home
  1.  328 South Hill Street, Globe, AZ 85501
    Phone:(928) 425-5491

Update: 14 January 2015

We are looking for three items.

1.  Planning to buy a new Deister Triple Deck Table. 
Our consultant loves these tables.  Would consider
an alternative, depending on financial items.

2.  We are planning on buying free milling Gold Ore
from other operators in Honduras.  Need samples
for the lab and prices.  We have a Geologist looking
at ore sources now.  We cannot run the complex
ores at this time.  We are waiting on George to
recover.  However, there a lot of free milling
ore in Honduras.  We are planning on running
free milling for that for the time being. 

3. Looking for either a silent partner with up to
 $250,000.00.  Or better yet, an operating partner
who wants hands-on management.  They would
be able to get into operation within six
months or less.  Everything is in place,
except for the new table.  Our old table is not

We have a millsite with deep well water.  Water is
always a concern  Organics in the water are
a problem.  We drilled the well several years
ago.  It will produce in excess of 60 gallons
per minute, etc. 

George Sites is alive and getting better
Thank you, for all of your prayers.

We have retained the services of a Geologist,
to test and recovery ore samples from the
new site.  We will probably have the samples
at the laboratory in three weeks.  Should have
more information, thereafter. 

We have crushing and grinding equipment,
that would work with gravity separation.
Thinking about a new Diester Table.

Old Plan B, now Plan A

We are shelving plans to start up our Ammonium Thiosulfate Mill
for at least two (2) years

This is an extremely difficult decision for us to make.  We have spent six
(6) years working on the new process.  We had planned to license it to other
operations.  I apologize, we are not ready.


1.  George Sites is ill and he is necessary for the successful operation and design of the
Ammonium Thiosulfate Leaching Mill system..

2.  Gold prices are plunging.  Prices are now below what our costs would
be to use the Ammonium Thiosulfate Mill. 

We have discovered a new deposit of free milling ore.  We plan to
redo our gravity plant and process the new ore with gravity.  Gravity
is significantly cheaper to operate.  We can make a good return
on the new ore, using gravity.  Our best ores needs the leaching plant. 

That will come in the next two years, when the price
of metals explode, due to significant inflation.  Until then, we will be OK



One of our group is gravely ill.
Happened during the final testing of the system.

Please pray for him.

Just heard from Pierre Morisette.
Jimmy Dierzen passed away last Fall.

He will be missed. 


Final Testing is being completed in Arizona

We would like to introduce you to the

Sites-Mills Leaching Process

Named for George Sites and Jim Mills

These gentlemen have been working on this process for a number of years.  It is
ready for testing.  Our plans, are to ship the equipment to Honduras for testing. 

The Honduras ores are difficult to
process.  This will be a good test. 

Questions: These questions have come up in the last couple of days.

1.  Will this process destroy Cyanide?  Yes, Ammonium Thiosulfate will normally destroy Cyanide almost immediately.  This will allow cleanup of old Cyanide tails and dumps.  Should recover most of the remaining metals.

2.  Will this process recover Mercury?  Not sure.  Someone is shipping us some samples of old Mercury tails and dumps.  We are guessing that all of the metals will be recovered and the Mercury will be dealt with by the refinery.  We do not recover metals on site.  The concentrates need to go to a refinery for processing. 

3.  Will this process recover Gold from Tellurides?  Not sure.  Someone is sending us samples of the head ore for testing.  That would be great news if it works.  Tellurides have always been a problem for us, along with heavy sulphides/sulfides.

4.  Will we license our technology - only to the right people.  Lot's of time and money have gone into this project


Final Test rescheduled for the the week
of 29th of April.

Hit a small snag with the assay furnace
in Arizona.  Will overhaul same in the next
couple of days.  Waiting on parts/

Gold is plunging on the world markets.  I am guessing
that the governments are trying to hide massive inflation.
I plan to buy some more gold, as soon as possible.

Test is tentatively scheduled for April 23rd.  Happens to be
my birthday.  We might do it sooner.  However, this will give
George and Jim a couple of extra days to fine-tune the equipment.

Have placed an ad in the California Mining Journal or
the ICMJ.  This is to ask people for help in financing
the last leg of the development.  California Mining Journal
The ad may run in next months issue.

Tuesday, ore is being shipped to Claypool, Arizona for the final test.
We went through all of the ore fine-tuning the process.

Hopefully, I will have a definitive estimation (?) of the efficiency of the
process by this weekend.  We will take head and tail samples, as the
process proceeds. We do not want to leave much value in the tails. 

We are expecting at least sixty percent (60%) recovery and would not
be surprised if it exceeds ninety percent (90%) recovery for Silver and Gold. 

We do not have reliable estimations on the Platinum Group recoveries.
But, we were surprised to recover some Platinum Groups, when the head assays
did not indicate any values.  I am guessing at least a sixty percent (60%) recovery
for the Platinum Group.  This might be explained by the following information.
Platinum Groups can be difficult to assay.

I will travel to Arizona and video tape and photograph the test.  I am hoping to
have it on the website as soon as possible.
Several things are proprietary and will not be shown.  However, you
will still be able to get an overall view of the the process and equipment.

Most of the crushing equipment is already on site in Honduras.

We are not aware of any processes that recovers more than 90% of the values
in sulfide ores.  Please let me know if you know of one.  I would be very
interested in talking with that group.  That would be outstanding.

Several questions have come in.  I will try to answer those on the attached question
and answer sheet, click on it above this article.

Quick Answer to John:  Sorry, we cannot license our process yet.  Need to start the patent
process and nail down the final solutions, etc.  We have been working on this for the

last twenty-five years.  Exciting times are here.

Tom Milam, Jr.

Raising Money for an Honduras Mining Project

Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can raise some development cash. This would allow us to ship and erect our Ammonium Thiosulfate Mill, patent the process, and operate for twelve months.  We have invested twenty-five years and x amounts of dollars in this project.  We are not only looking for passive investors, but active and engaged investors.  We have several mine sites that need to be developed and operated.  Without the process, you cannot mill the ore.  But we are currently completing the final test of the process and the new equipment in Arizona.  If it works as we expect, we would like to ship the equipment to Honduras and do a start up at the Telica Mill Site as soon as possible - see pictures below. 

One suggestion has been gold forward sales.  That is, if you put up x amounts of money, you would eventually get your investment in multiples of gold and other benefits.  However, things in mining tend to take longer than expected and you are usually faced with an unexpected challenge. 

We are expecting to recover at least 70% of the Silver and Gold. We will probably do better than that.  We will be able to mill the heavy sulfide (sulphide) ores immediately.  We will then research on processing the the Arsenopyrite and Telluride Honduras Ores.  Our staff thinks that by varying the chemistry a bit, it will work.  That would open up mining and milling opportunities in the rest of Honduras.

Feel free to contact me for additional information.  Suggestions and prayers would be appreciated.  /s/ Tom Milam, Jr..,


Ore is being shipped in this weekend for the test.
I will give you an update as soon as possible.
We are running a bit late.

Thank you for the prayers.
Testing will soon begin
Twenty-five years are coming down to this test.

Expected testing date for the equipment is September 2014
The equipment is somewhat finished.
George Sites is fine tuning the system now.
Several, small, unexpected items have cropped up.

We have taken a major risk.  Instead of being prudent,
we built production equipment instead of laboratory scale equipment.

This is what has caused the delays.  However, if it works, we are brilliant.  We
will immediately role into production.  If it doesn't work, I will be getting
a real job.  Let me know if there are any prospects for a middle
aged attorney.

The new production equipment should be finished soon.  We expect to test the process with the new production equipment before the end of this year.  We will be testing Honduras ore with
the Ammonium Thiosulfate Solution (ATS).  We will be using new, purpose built equipment.  If it works, we will ship the equipment to Honduras and install same.  I am estimating
that it will take sixty (60) days, once the equipment has been delivered to the Telica Mill Site to start production testing.  This includes the new crushing, grinding, and processing equipment.
George Site has dedicated the last five years to the new equipment and process.  Everything works in the laboratory; however, it must work in the field. 

We have received a number if inquiries about this process and Honduras in particular.  Let's wait and see if the equipment and process work.  Then we can start work on ramping up production.

We plan to patent the process and grant licenses for use.

We have been experimenting with leaching silver and gold with Ammonium Thiosulfate and recovery by electrowinning.
For the last fifteen years, we have been testing and evaluating non-cyanide leaches on Honduras Ores.
We have chosen not to use cyanide; because of environmental concerns.

Starting due diligence on a custom mill in Colorado.
We are researching the possibility of building a custom mill in Chaffee
County, Colorado to process the ore from the Chalk Creek Mining District,
probably near Nathrop, Colorado.  This would also allow ore from the Leadville area.

The new technology should work on the gold and silver ores from this area. 
There are a number of good mines and prospects in the area.
The Iron Chest, Mary Murphy, St. Elmo Queen, and the Latchlaw mines come to mind.

We will run some ore later this fall and review the results.  This would allow not only a profit,
but clean up any tailings piles and ore dumps still remaining.

Years ago, The
Saturday Night Milling Company had a similar (original) idea.
I believe that they had a great idea, just waiting on technology.
If anyone knows how to contact those gentlemen, please
let me know.  That had a great idea about thirty (30) years ago.

Ammonium Thiosulfate will make this work

Comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

Do not get excited yet.  We must determine if the ore is amenable to an Ammonium Thiosulfate Leach. 
Will try to have these experiments complete by the end of October 2011.

When the mill becomes operational at Telica, Department of Olancho, Honduras, we will be looking for
entrepreneurs to take over and operate approximately ten (10) small mines in that area. 
The mines will not be feasible, until the mill works as planned.

Jason Brotters Site for Olancho, Honduras

 Weather, Juticalpa, Olancho, Honduras


1.  Ammonium Thiosulphate Process for Sulphide ores. 
2.  Working on adding a geothermal drilling department in Oklahoma City.
     This would allow direct transfer for geothermal systems with minimal damage.
3.  Custom milling of ores in Chaffee County Colorado.
4.  Custom milling of ores in Department of Olancho, Honduras.


UPDATE 2010:


1. We are re-engineering the Telica Mill for sulfide ores..

2. The re-engineering was based upon the results of our testing during Spring 2005.

3. All new milling equipment has been ordered and received.  We will install it as soon as possible.

4. Some of this equipment was modified by George Sites in Arizona.

5. Several people have asked for additional information on Honduras minerals, suggest that they contact Jim Dierzen, Pierre Morissette, or Walter Mast

6. Inglesrud's old web page: 2005 Inglesrud Web Page

7. Web photo gallery of the storm damage done to the laboratory at the Telica Mill: Telica

8. Web photo gallery of the new El Bijao Mill in Arizona: Here




General Information


1. The Hornos Exploitation Concessions are located approximately 35 kilometers southeast of Juticalpa, Department of Olancho, Honduras, C.A..

2. The concessions encompass the villages of El Bijao and El Rusio, Olancho,  Honduras,

3. Map of the Hornos Exploitation Concession: Map of Hornos Concessions.
4. General Telephone Information for Honduras:  Honduras Telephone Information


Clavo Rico Mine Site, El Corpus, Honduras.





George Sites and Fred Shisbey

Fred Shisbey is the geologist for Virginia Mining Company, recently deceased



George Sites is a mining consultant and partner in S&S Mining along with Dennis Smith.

George and Dennis have purchased a 300 yard an hour bucket line dredge for use in Honduras.

They plan to move the dredge from Canada to Honduras.

Feel free to contact Dennis or George at the following e-mail address for discussions of dredging: e-mail:



View of the Telica River from the crusher floor of the Telica Mill, looking east towards Juticalpa.

This is approximately February 2000, two years after Hurricane Mitch.




This photograph was taken by Robert Taylor, upper Jalan River, approximately February 1999.
This operation is not related to Minera Virginia, just an interesting photograph. Placer
Mining at the minimum.  Water is probably cold.  This stream comes out
of the mountains.




Vein Structure




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The Inglesrud Corporation

Virginia Mining Company
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8 June 2015

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